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Fracturing system optimization is critical to getting the best production from your well. 

The best fracture design is one  customized to all the unique parameters of your project. 

Our team stays on top the latest developments in fracturing fluid market trends, advancements in analysis and regulatory initiatives to provide optimal solutions. 

Custom. Proven.

Our team provides customized technical services to maximize Net Present Value (NPV) by optimizing fracturing and fluid designs. We combine technical expertise and a solution-based approach to perform predictive and comparative assessments to optimize the stimulation treatment design. We also assist companies with budgeting and costing of pilot projects and field development plans.

Watch and subscribe to our series of technical video blogs to keep up to speed on the best ways to optimize your well production.

Our knowledgeable professionals provide your company with a comprehensive approach to provide specific services in the areas where your company operates. This ensures the most beneficial solution for your needs – from fracturing design to full-scale field development.

Predictive assessments

  • Full fracturing design, modeling and NPV optimization


Comparative assessments

  • Rate Transient Analysis (RTA)

  • Decline Curve Analysis (DCA)

  • Production data analysis


Pilot project technical support

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  • Fracturing

  • Customized assessments

  • Cost estimates

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing

This presentation covers Hydraulic Fracturing 101, whether you need a refresh on the basics, want to inform new staff or use it as a launchpad for related questions we are happy to come to your office and cover it all. 

Energized Fracture Fluids

We have a variety of presentations available about Energized Fracturing: 

Optimizing Fracture Fluid Selection for Horizontal Tight Oil and Gas Wells

Hydraulic Fracturing and Energized Fluids - What is it All About?

Technical Studies Showing the Effectiveness of Energized Fracture Fluid Systems Used in Multiple Fractured HZ Wells. This presentation includes examples from the Montney, Cardium, Glauconitic and Duvernay areas.

Carbon Dioxide Fracturing 101 + Performance Analysis of Glauconitic and Cardium

The Benefits of Carbon Dioxide Pre-Pads (Spearheads) in Stimulating Tight Sands and Shales

Cryogenic Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing - Boost Economics and Benefit the Environment (PTAC 2015 HF Forum)

Energize Your Well: Conserve, Optimize, Maximize! (2015 SPE Liquids Rich Workdhop)

Joint with Halliburton: Technical Studies Supporting the Use of Carbon Dioxide Foam Based Fracturing Fluids in the Duvernay and Montney Formations.

Montney Formation

If you are operating in the Montney region, we have several presentations with analysis and insight that can help you determine the best ways to optimize your production: 

The Effectiveness of Various Fracture Fluid Systems for Horizontal Montney Tight Gas Wells (Jan 2015)

The Full Montney - A Critical Review of Well Performance by Production Analysis - CSUR Luncheon Talk March 26, 2015

The Full Montney - A Critical Review of Well Performance by Production Analysis - Executive Summary Only


The Full Montney Executive Summary + Kakwa Montney Analysis


Joint Venture with Halliburton: Insights into Current Developments in Canadian Unconventionals: Challenges and Opportunities

Water Management and Reduction

Water management is emerging as a challenge in particular regions. We have presentations available that can help you plan ahead, address any current challenges and help operations be successful in this environment.

PTAC Water Management Workshop: Energized Fracture Fluids Solutions: Enhance Production While Saving Water and Cost

IPEC Denver: Hydraulic Fracturing with Cryogenic Fluids: Boosting Hydrocarbon Production While Conserving Fresh Water Resources

2015 SPE Panel Session: How to Prosper in a Challenging Unconventional Environment

CO2 Huff'n'Puff and Enhanced Oil Recovery

What is CO2 Huff'n'Puff? We can provide all the details including how it can increase your hydrocarbon recovery in these presentations: 

Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery - Cyclic CO2 Injection (CCDI) - PTAC Presentation Jan 19, 2016.

CO2 Huff'n'Puff Applications in Light Tight Oil Horizontal Wells

CO2 Huff'n'Puff Applications in Heavy Oil and CHOPS Horizontal Wells

Anthropogenic CO2 May Be Economically Used for Enhanced Oil Recovery - Canadian Experience


What makes a well a good candidate for refracturing? We can provide the background and discuss why, where and how: 

SPE Refracturing Workshop: Setting the Stage - A History of Successful Refracturing in Canada

SPE Paper Presentations

If you want proof points - we have them. Several SPE paper presentations are available to be made to your team in-house on request: 

SPE 167197 - First Field Application in Canada of Carbon Dioxide Separation for Hydraulic Fracture Flow Back Operations

SPE 168632 - A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Various Fracture Fluid Systems Used in Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Wells: Montney Formation, Unconventional Gas

SPE 171583 - The Effectiveness of Various Fracture Fluid Systems in the Cardium

SPE 175948 - The Full Montney - A Critical Review of Well Performance by Production Analysis of Over 2,000 Montney Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Gas Wells

URTeC 1920985 - Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Optimization in Multi-Stage Horizontal Glauconitic Oil Completions, Central Alberta

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We can come to you

Our Technical Services have numerous in-house presentations available on request.

Our experienced team can provide a full range of services including:

Fracturing Intro
Energized Fracturing
Water Management
Huff'n'Puff & EOR
SPE Papers

Field development plans to maximize NPVs and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR)

  • Number of wells

  • Spacing

  • Budgetary costing

  • Customized analysis and planning


Our team also assesses and works to develop new applications and technologies on a continual basis.

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