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"One hundred kilometres south of Grande Prairie, you will find one of the hottest shale plays in North America: the Kakwa Montney. The play is home to one of the fastest growing Canadian O&G companies, Seven Generations. As discussed in a recent BOE Report article, Seven Generations has been one of a few companies that has continued to grow in spite of low commodity prices.

Exploration in the Kakwa area started in the 1950s, but it wouldn’t be until the 1980s when companies began producing in the area. The Montney in Kakwa was rarely tested due to its depth of 3,000m and there were many conventional zones up-hole. Some of the early vertical wells drilled in the Montney did hint at the potential of the field. For example, 100/07-28-063-05W6/00 was a vertical well drilled in 1997 and by 2015 it had produced close to 1 bcf (billion cubic feet) and 250,000 bbl (barrel) of oil. The full potential of the Montney would only be revealed through horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing.”

– BOE REPORT – Top 10 Kakwa Montney Wells of 2015 – by Kevin McCormack

Top 10 Wells – Hydraulic Fracture Information

Chart showing top ten Kakwa Montney Wells of 2015, chart shows operator, frac description, whether foam was used and the 12 month cumulative BOE

Data from CDL Frac DB

Top 10 Wells – Gas Type Curves by Fracture Fluid System

Kakwa Top 10 Wells – Conclusions

  • Top 10 Kakwa Montney producing wells in 2015 were all N2 Foam completions

  • Significant out-performance of off-setting wells completed with oil or slickwater as the base fracture fluid

  • N2 Foam wells have a m uch lower decline than off-sets

  • This points out the superiority of N2 Foams for multi-stage horizontal completions in the Montney

  • Refer to SPE 175948 for more production performance comparative work on Montney completions

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