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Map showing Bakken Shale area over Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana and North Dakota

Addressing challenges with EOR in the Bakken

  • Low primary recoveries from light tight oil (10 to 15% of OOIP at maximum)

  • Capital intensive enhanced oil recovery technologies

  • Formation is too tight for waterflood or even gas flood applications

  • CO2 emissions and sequestration

CO2 Effectively Removes Oil from Bakken Cores

Chart showing how CO2 Effectively Removes Oil from Bakken Cores

Source: EERC

CO2 and Crude Oil Interaction Video (Source: EERC)

Ferus Solution: Cyclic CO2 Injection (Huff’n’Puff)

Diagram showing three stages of Huff'n'Puff

Technical Benefits of CO2 Huff’n’Puff

  • Mobilizes residual oil

  • Oil swelling

  • Viscosity reduction

  • Increasing relative permeability to soil

  • Re-pressurize formation

  • Creates secondary gas drive

  • Reduces inter-facial tension if water is present

  • Removes near well-bore damage

Infographic showing Huff'n'Puff improves hydrocarbon recovery by 3-8%

Sources: SPE 157823/SPE 169575

How can Ferus help?

  • Ferus has local personnel and equipment

  • Ferus has Technical Services to help with design and implementation

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