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Alberta landscape image with text overlaid: Canada's Top Energy Innovators 2016 - Alberta Oil Magazine

Ferus is proud to be featured in Canada’s Top Energy Innovators 2016. Our innovator and expert in Energized Fluids, Murray Reynolds takes an unconventional approach to solving some of the energy industry’s biggest problems.

The Innovation: CO2 Foam Fracturing Exploration and Development

Removing carbon from industrial waste stacks and using it to reduce water dependency among Canadian natural gas drillers sounds too good to be true. It isn’t. And if that technology can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the wellhead, all the better.

Emerging CO2 foam fracturing technology is now in play in the Middle Montney formation. Using a recaptured carbon dioxide mixture favored for its improved viscosity, the fracturing mixture is able to place sand more effectively than traditional fluids, and carry the proppant deeper into a reservoir, leading to better recovery rates overall. Replacing much of that traditional fracking water with condensed CO2 foam also means reducing truck traffic and water-storage needs at the well site. That’s good news from an environmental standpoint and a cost-savings one, too.

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