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A Ferus authored paper, A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Various Fracture Fluid Systems Used in Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells: Montney Formation, Unconventional Gas (SPE 168632), was recently referenced in the technical paper Liquids Rich Organic Shale Recovery Factor Application (SPE 174994), authored by industry expert Robert Barba, Integrated Energy Services Inc.

A quote from page 11 states: “In one notable study the authors used effective frac length from rate transient analysis to normalize the production results vs. simple production comparisons. This is a significantly more credible technique than the great majority of studies on ‘best practices’ based on production comparisons alone.”

The discussion validates the use of CO2 foams in the Pennsylvanian Red Fork Formation, as shown in the following well performance chart below.

CO2 Foam and Assist Well Performance vs. Other Fracture Fluid Systems in the Red Fork Formation

Chart showing recovery factor for CO2 foams (107%), CO2 Assists (108%), Borate XLG (39%) and VES (33%)

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