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We are the leader in energized completions solutions offering technical, operational and logistical expertise to the petroleum industry.

We specialize in integrated solutions.

More than liquid Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, we provide the logistical services to deliver products where needed, when needed.
Our on-site services ensure products are used efficiently for the best possible outcome.


We believe in finding better ways.

Rear view of a row of CO2 portable storage units
Top view of liquid nitrogen in a container
Sand grades in a wave pattern
Ferus worker filling truck with liquid nitrogen
Feus Nitrogen transport filling up at Nitrogen plant

Ferus uses CO2 from high-emitting industrial sources and converts it into a value added product to optimize well production and economics. A portion of the injected COis permanently sequestered, allowing for significant Green House Gas (GHG) reductions.

Liquid nitrogen provides gas saturation to the reservoir fluids improving relative permeability to hydrocarbons. N2 immediately reduces the hydrostatic of the system and, in foamed fluids, provides excellent proppant transport capability.

Our transportation network ensures safe, on-time delivery to challenging and remote areas. With our keen understanding of product utilization and requirements, we’ve got the reliable supply and the right employees to handle sand with the level of expertise, commitment and safety you’ve come to expect from Ferus. That includes how your sand is stored and utilized.

We customize our solutions. We know our customers have different product needs depending on the application, and deadlines to meet for their own customers. We start with a deep understanding of your needs through full-service demand planning and product utilization forecasting so your product requirements are met in a cost effective manner.

Our transportation network delivers product direct to your location 24/7. We ensure safe, on-time delivery, even to challenging and remote locations. In areas where your demand for product is high, we can build dedicated supply points to ensure reliable supply for the next day, month or year.

On-site storage of product ensures you have access to reliable supply to our products for your oil and gas completions at any time, any day of the week. Depending on your product needs, we offer on-location storage in high capacity and built-for-purpose vessels.

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Ferus Nitrogen Transport truck
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